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Kalosm is an open source framework for private language, audio, and image models in Rust
let model = WhisperBuilder::default()

let db = Surreal::new::<RocksDb>("./db/temp.db").await.unwrap();


let document_table = Arc::new(db.document_table_builder("documents").at("./db/embeddings.db").build().unwrap());

let document_table_clone = document_table.clone();
std::thread::spawn(move || tokio::runtime::Runtime::new().unwrap().block_on(async move {
    loop {
        let input = MicInput::default().record_until(Instant::now() + Duration::from_secs(30)).await.unwrap();

        if let Ok(mut transcribed) = model.transcribe(input) {
            while let Some(transcribed) = {

let mut model = Llama::new_chat();
let mut chat = Chat::builder(&mut model).with_system_prompt("The assistant help answer questions based on the context given by the user. The model knows that the information the user gives it is always true.").build();

let context = document_table.select_nearest(&prompt_input("\n> ").unwrap(), 5).await?.into_iter().map(ToString::to_string).collect::<Vec<_>>().join("\n");

let output_stream = chat.add_message(format!("Here is the relevant context:\n{context}\nGiven that context, answer the following question:\n{user_question}")).await

Powerful Private AI

Everything you need to build with local AI

Kalosm is a powerful, private AI platform for building and deploying AI models locally. It's designed to be easy to use, controllable, and private.

AI Models
Kalosm supports over 35 models across 5 different model types. Models can be easily swapped out and updated depending on your hardware requirements and use case.
Local Processing
Kalosm models run locally which means no expensive cloud bills, connection issues, or privacy concerns. User data never needs to leave the device.
Data Integrations
Kalosm understands 10 different data formats making it easy to integrate with your text, audio, or image data.
Controllable Output
Kalosm is built with controls to tailor the output of your models. This means you can adjust the output to fit your specific use case.

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